Roland Ong

- Co-Founder of Cloud Alliance

Roland is a pioneer and industry veteran in Asia’s internet and gaming industry. Having started Singapore’s first internet café and being the CTO of Horizon, one of Singapore’s early tech companies, he went on to become the exclusive franchisee of World of Warcraft in China, HK and Taiwan. Subsequently, he founded IAH Games, which became a leading games publisher of marquee PC titles like FIFA Online and Grand Theft Auto.

Jonathon Sze

- Co-Founder of Cloud Alliance

Jonathon has more than 10 years of experience in the gaming industry. He was among the pioneers to operate MMORPGs in the SE Asian region during the early days of broadband internet. He has assumed P&L responsibilities and the management of the regional publishing teams for key AAA online titles such as FIFA Online 2, Counter-strike Online and Granado Espada in his position as Commercial Director in IAHGames. He is also well connected to the gaming companies in Asia, having co-ordinated publishing and marketing campaigns across the region, via strong local partnerships.

Aaron Siwoku

- Founder of Toast

A contrarian thinker and keen problem-solver, Aaron’s mission these days is to re-invent the traditional remittance industry. Through Toast, a money remittance mobile app, users can remit money cheaply, securely and instantly using their mobile phones without having to queue up at traditional brick-and-mortar remittance outlets. A British national now based in Singapore, Aaron started his first mobile payment and billing platform in the UK, Zaparoo Mobile, at the age of 22. He is also an Ironman competitor and an avid triathlete.

Benjamin Lee

- Founder of Sugar

A lawyer turned entrepreneur, Benjamin Lee’s Sugar has been touted to be “the savior of small businesses” by Yahoo. A online-to-offline mobile advertising platform, Sugar connects users to interesting local lifestyle retailers which use the Sugar platform to advertise their wares. Having lived and worked in 8 countries, with 5 startups and 2 exits under his belt, Benjamin Lee is a seasoned multi-cultural entrepreneur who also helps mentor other startups.

Patrick Teng

- Founder of Six Capital

Patrick Teng began his Foreign Exchange dealing career in 1981. Since then, he has worked as the Chief Dealer for several global banks. Whilst still in his twenties, Patrick was the Vice-President and Chief Dealer of Chase Manhattan bank, one of the youngest chief dealers in Singapore. The Chief's mission now is to democratize yield generation for the masses. Through Six Capital's innovative products like B'Data and TAGG, investors can enjoy higher risk-adjusted returns than traditional banking products.

Paul Teng

- Founder & Group CEO of Six Capital

As the co-founder and Group CEO of Six Capital, Paul is responsible for shaping the business model and strategy of the company. Together with his team, Paul oversees digital and social marketing strategy, as well as the creative direction of the company and its various initiatives. Within minutes of a conversation with Paul, you would realise that he is a proud and avid gamer.

Eugene Goh

- Managing Partner of Aetius Partners

Eugene spent 8.5 years at The Boston Consulting Group, and worked in their Singapore, Oslo and Dubai offices. He has an MSc in Economics for Development and a BA in Politics, Philosophy and Economics, both from the University of Oxford. His primary industry focus was telecommunications, although he has also worked in financial services, shipping, payments, public sector, and many others.

Chris Bergman

- Co-owner of Aetius Partners Middle East

Christopher spent 4 years at a top consulting firm, working out of their Dubai office. Christopher worked on projects in consumer goods, energy, financial institutions, public sector and telecoms. He has worked across the Middle East and in South Africa and has deep expertise in strategy, organization and process design. Christopher was involved in developing intellectual property in country-level Strategic Workforce Planning.

Neels Steyn

- Co-owner of Aetius Partners Middle East

Neels was with a top-tier consulting firm for 3 years before leaving to open the Dubai office of Aetius Partners. During his consulting career Neels worked on multiple projects in several different countries and industries. The majority of his industry experience was concentrated in Financial Services, including Retail Banking, Commercial Banking, advising Sovereign Wealth Funds and Private Equity Firms, as well as covering the Insurance sector.